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Whether traditional or contemporary in style, our frames are solidly built. The corners are double-doweled and reinforced with corner blocks that are screwed into place. That is how we ensure the joints will remain solid over the lifetime of the piece. Since our foundation, Hancock & Moore has worked from one basic principle--to build fine furniture of uncompromising quality that endures for generations. Up to 80 hours are spent constructing a Hancock & Moore style--the time needed for the quality construction that has become our hallmark. Techniques such as our eight-way hand-tied springs, too labor-intensive for most manufacturers, give us a distinctive niche in the industry. As many as 17 craftsmen will have worked on a single piece, devoting countless hours to creating a Hancock & Moore original.


We pride ourselves on being one of a handful of manufacturers who continue to do eight-way hand-tied coil construction. This time consuming technique--typically found in antique chairs--involves tying each seat coil with heavy cord, using at least eight knots. The result is firm, comfortable support that will last for years.


Working the heavy-duty upholstery sewing machines requires patience and attention to detail. Our sewers spend countless hours as apprentices before being entrusted with an entire chair or sofa. They are devoted to exacting results, paying special attention when it comes to the quality and look of the decorative top-stitching.


Sanding does more than simply make a wooden surface smooth to the touch. Together with finishing, this process brings out the deep beauty of the wood. After the frame is built, flat-belt and pump sanders refine any rough patches in the wood, even on areas hidden from view. Then our team of over 40 artisans carefully hand-sands every curve and hand-carved element to enhance the characteristic detailing of each piece.


An artistic eye and attention to detail are essential for the upholsterer. Each seating style has a basic pattern which is cut, assembled by hand and sewn. We offer an incredible array of leathers and fabrics to reflect home furnishing trends and classic styles. Careful pattern layout and skilled cutting are essential to ensure that prints or stripes match and that a fabric's nap is oriented in the right direction.


Tufting takes a special skill, requiring the upholsterer to gauge each pleat of leather or fabric so that all tufts are correctly proportioned. In creating the tuft, twine is passed through layers of material, then pulled taut and secured, usually with a button. This centuries-old method of upholstery distinguishes many of our traditional styles.


The core of our cushions is Qualux, a technologically advanced material that springs back into shape quickly and is more stable than the polyurethane used by most manufacturers. Qualux may be a difficult material to work with, but we believe your comfort is worth the extra effort.


Choose from our 50 finishes varying in color and gloss, or we can create a customized finish just for you. Our wood can be made to look as reflective and sleek as glass, or to match the time-worn surfaces of a treasured antique. The 21-step process creates a finish with unparalleled character and luster.

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