Details | Quilting


Quilting is a decorative feature applied to upholstery. Originally exclusive to fabric, we have taken the art of quilting and applied it perfectly to leather. Because of the extra fill required to create them, quilted pieces make for truly luxurious seating. We offer a variety of patterns and sizes to beautifully accent your piece, such as Diamond, Double Diamond, and Channel (Horizontal and Vertical).

Diamond quilting adds a clean, classic look with a single seam throughout, while Double Diamond quilting features a more intricate look, featuring two seams throughout (think of it as a double border). Channel quilting features parallel lines throughout, placed either horizontally or vertically.

For Diamond quilting, we offer several different diamond sizes: A. Anna (1 3/8"), B. Betty (2"), C. Carol (3"), D. David (4") and E. Edward (5 3/4")

Channel quilting is available in the following sizes (the # denotes the space between each seam): G. Gabby (1"), H. Henry (1 1/2"), J. James (2 1/2")