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Nail Head Trim

Every detail counts at Hancock & Moore. That's why we select from a wide variety of nailhead sizes, finishes and textures to create just the right accent for each chair--from the discreet burnished glow of Pewter Nail to the decorative whimsy of Golf Nail. Decorative heads are driven by hand along the welt lines of many traditional styles. Note: Nails shown below are not actual size.

Each fabric has its own distinctive design and texture, with patterns of plaids, tapestries and prints. Fabrics add a dimension of their own from a playful design to a velvety texture. Fabric has become a popular choice for many of our furniture styles. The right fabric or combination of fabrics can tie a room together perfectly with a decorative element or match one's personality with its unique style.

Please visit your local dealer to view actual samples.

H Antique Nail - 3/8"
BK Black Nickel - 3/8"
BP Black Pearl - 3/8"
Y Callisto - 3/8"
CC Carpenter’s - 3/8"
I Gilt Nail
A Hancock - 3/8"
AA Hancock - 1/2"
Z Callisto - 5/8"
SS Gunsmoke - 3/4"
R Truscan - 1/2"
BKM Black Nickel - 1/2"
BPM Black Pearl - 1/2"
CCC Carpenter - 1/2"
TT Gunsmoke - 1/2"
JJJ Nickel - 1/2"
DDD Old Gold - 1/2"
FF Pewter - 1/2"
C Moore - 1/2"
L Natural - 3/8"
J Nickel - 3/8"
DD Old Gold - 3/8"
FFF Pewter - 3/8"
G Renaissance - 1/2"
TTT Gunsmoke - 3/8"
S Truscan - 3/8"