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6216-2LAC/6216-3RAF Wrangler Sectional

H: 38.5"  W: 112.75"  D: 49"
Inside: W: 82"  D: 29"
Seat Height: 22"  Arm Height: 27.5"
COM Requirements: 32 yds
COL Requirements: 576 sq ft

H: 38.5"  W: 92.5"  D: 49"
Inside: W: 81"  D: 29"
Seat Height: 22"  Arm Height: 27.5"
Shown with "R" and "S" nails. Standard with "A" and "AA" nails.
COM Requirements: 23 yds
COL Requirements: 414 sq ft

Also available:
6216-2LAF Wrangler Left Arm Facing Loveseat
6216-2RAF Wrangler Right Arm Facing Loveseat
6216-2RAC Wrangler Right Arm Corner Loveseat
6216-3LAF Wrangler Left Arm Facing Sofa
6216-3LAC Wrangler Left Arm Corner Sofa
6216-3RAC Wrangler Right Arm Corner Sofa