As with all things in nature, no two hides will be exactly alike. We travel around the world and devote many hours to hand select the finest leathers with a natural appearance and distinctive markings that impart unique character. These distinctive features are unique to genuine leather, a product which has been raised rather than engineered. This truly unique upholstery material is a hallmark of Hancock & Moore seating.
Note: We classify our leathers based on their characteristics, not quality. The classes vary based on the performance of each leather for different lifestyles.

LEATHER VIDEO - Watch How Leather is Made

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  • A. Cattle ranchers use distinctive brands to identify their steers, these brands are rarely seen on furniture.
  • B. Healed scratches from barbed wire nicks are common markings on an unaltered hide.
  • C. Pore patterns (the hide's grain) distinguish the surface of the unaltered hide.
  • D. Neck and shoulder wrinkles look like furrows.